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Having a picnic is an amazing activity because it combines several experiences

What exactly is a picnic? The picnic is a specific type of dining where meals are held outside, ideally in the open air, somewhere in the meadow or park, and of coursein the presence of the surrounding naturesounds. The picnic can be a part of family trips and various meetings. Integral parts of every picnic are a picnic basket and sitting on a blanket. The main aim is to relax in nature.




History of Picnic

The origin of this activity can be traced back to the Middle Ages. At that times, the nobleson a hunt enjoyed a meal right in the woods. The meal consisted of a portion of cold chicken, a piece of cheese and white bread, the common drinks were white wine or fruit juice. When the ladies took part in the activity, sweet dishes, salads and even champagne were added to the feast. Back in the 19th century, the French allegedly had breakfast on grass in parks and by rivers. The paintings of various impressionistsindicate that this style was popular also among the artists. In England, picnics were popular among the middle-class people. The Americans included the picnics as a part of Sunday afternoon activities. 


What can you expect?

Beautiful sunny weather luresboth children and adultsto go outside into nature. Fresh air, the opportunity to play ball games, various board games, or just to play hide and seek in naturewill be appreciated especially by children. Spending time in nature offers the chance to get to know it better. We can tell children about trees, leaves, and flowers in the meadows. We can knit a flower wreath together. It is wonderfully romantic to spread a blanket, a tablecloth and pull goodies out of the basket - andsurely, everythingwill taste good in the fresh air. Suchquality time spent together as a family with children, a group of friends or a couple in love will be rememberedas a fond memory. It is a perfect activityfor couples in love.
The charm of nature, the enjoyment of food and drinks, the pleasant company of beloved people - altogether create harmony and enhance fellowship. Therefore, do not hesitate to have a picnic. You will spend pleasant moments with your beloved ones and recharge your batteries.


Every Saturday and Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Patrovec Manor House.

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